“All politics is local,” as a time-tested American saying goes.

When considering climate change, the most urgent political issue of our time, we might instinctively balk at this old sawhorse. What, after all, could be less local a concern than the challenges posed by global warming?

Yet a closer look reveals that regular people always have the power to effect major change if they are determined to do so, especially if they have the support of their community.

All eyes were on the new administration over the past year as it tried to marshal support for its Build Back Better package of public investments—and for a good reason. Among other provisions, the bill would have significantly enhanced incentives for green-energy investments, encouraging businesses and individuals to make the kinds of changes needed for the country to fulfill its carbon-reduction commitments.

The plan stalled just before Christmas in the face of resistance from two Democratic senators. In explaining his refusal to back the bill, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin paid lip service to political ideals, but his considerable vested interest in the dying coal industry is hard to ignore. Kyrsten Sinema, one of our very own senators, remained enigmatic and noncommittal to the end, a puzzling stance toward a rare opportunity to harness her state’s most abundant natural resource—the sun’s energy.

But no matter what powerful politicians are doing (or, more to the point, not doing) on the national stage to counteract climate change, there is always something regular people can do. More than 200,000 homeowners in Arizona have already installed solar systems, which produce enough electrical output to power almost a million homes, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association, and Arizonans are only getting started. You can secure dependable, affordable energy for yourself and your family while contributing to clean-energy self-sufficiency for America. And the professionals at SunSolar Solutions, a locally owned full-service solar installer, want to help—even if politicians don’t.

New energy initiatives would have been a boon to homeowners and to American green energy as a whole. But 26 percent of the cost of a solar system is still a big chunk of change for Uncle Sam to kick in, and it’s still available until the end of this year. It’s vital, however, that you act soon to take advantage of this temporary generosity because it’s only good for systems that are placed in service before January 1, 2023. On that date, the credit drops to 22 percent.

SunSolar Solutions focuses on maximizing value for customers by leveraging the tax incentive to the hilt. By installing the greatest possible number of panels on your roof, you maximize the amount of money that the US government will be investing in the system and into your home. If the 100-percent design created a $10,000 subsidy, then the 150-percent design will produce a $15,000 subsidy. There is no limit to the size of the system and, therefore, the size of the tax credit. The result of a properly designed system is a lower monthly and annual cost for the household’s electricity.

A solar system offers even more financial benefits to your household. As a long-term money-saving asset, a PV array is likely to increase the value of your home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Our projections show that the average solar customer can expect to save an estimated $50,000 to $100,000 over a 25-year period. Our customer testimonials show that SunSolar is focused on maximizing savings by harnessing the greatest amount of solar energy possible (and, along with it, the greatest tax savings possible).

Another big advantage to making the switch to solar as soon as possible is that the system will have time to generate the power needed to knock down this summer’s electricity costs. High summer demand causes higher utility charges, putting pressure on a family’s budget, but if you choose to start your project soon, the system can be installed in time to produce those essential credits. If you act right away, your system could even generate a bit of a surplus over late spring and early summer, helping to further offset the cost of peak summer demand later.

The most significant congressional action in a generation to bolster American green energy is dead, and that has serious implications for how quickly and effectively we as a nation can respond to climate challenges. But now is not a good time to throw up your hands and get cynical. It’s time to act.

Remember: it’s not up to Joe Manchin whether America—or your household—secures the blessings of reliable, affordable, clean energy. It’s up to you. And SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS is here to help you make the transition.

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