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A Big Step Backwards for Solar Power in the Golden State

Like some of the other biggest solar policy setbacks in the U.S. (such as in Arizona), California’s change will undercut one of the oldest and most-successful green programs out there. This is a big step backwards for the solar [...]

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What Determines The Cost Of Solar?

Are you tired of sky-high energy bills and relying on the unpredictable grid in Arizona? With the growing concerns of blackouts and the need for energy independence, it's no surprise that residential solar power is on the rise. But, we [...]

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Empower Your Home, Enhance Your Future: The Benefits of Solar Panel Adoption for New Homebuyers

Congratulations on your new home purchase! As you embark on the journey of building your dream home, it’s important to consider all the upgrades and elements that will make it a comfortable and cost-effective living space. One upgrade to consider [...]

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SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS Launches a New Website

Peoria, AZ, February 1, 2023 – SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS, Arizona’s largest, best rated solar company recently launched a new website featuring a Solar Calculator that makes it easy to calculate an approximate cost of going solar based on location, electricity bill [...]

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Turning Negative Personal Experience Into Better Solar Service

Val Berechet, the president of SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS, formed a successful solar sales company in Arizona after a bad personal experience trying to install solar on his own home in 2014. He was inspired to fill a void and improve [...]

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APS wants $460 million more per year

Solar power is an increasingly popular source of clean energy, but it's important to do your research before making an investment. In Arizona, the state's largest power supplier, APS, recently proposed a $460 million increase to its yearly revenue, [...]

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