The United States is on an ambitious journey to revolutionize its energy landscape. By 2035, the goal is to install a staggering 1,000 gigawatts of solar power, a milestone that’s critical for decarbonizing the national electrical grid. This surge is fueled by the dual engines of climate change awareness and attractive incentives introduced by the Inflation Reduction Act. With residential electricity costs on the rise, Americans in Arizona are increasingly turning to solar panels, investing in a sustainable future. In fact, 2022 marked a record-breaking year with the addition of 6.4 gigawatts of small-scale solar, the highest ever recorded by the Energy Information Association.

However, this solar boom in Arizona has brought with it an unexpected challenge: the emergence of aggressive sales tactics by individuals more focused on their profit margins than on the benefits of renewable energy. Across the state, these salespeople are taking to the streets, knocking on doors, and dialing numbers, sometimes in violation of Do Not Call lists and ignoring No Soliciting signs. Their approach to selling solar is often characterized by a lack of genuine knowledge about renewable energy and a reliance on misleading tactics gleaned from online “sales gurus.”

These independent contractors, not tied to any specific solar installer, are exploiting the current demand for solar installations in Arizona. With FREE solar ads and other tactics, They are making substantial profits, with earnings ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Alarmingly, their aggressive marketing often targets vulnerable populations, including the elderly and low-income households, with pitches that are less than transparent.

At SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS, we believe in the power and potential of solar energy, but also in the importance of ethical sales practices. We’re committed to providing our Arizona customers with honest, clear information about the benefits and costs of solar installations. Our team consists of knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about renewable energy and dedicated to helping homeowners make informed decisions that are right for them. If you’re considering solar for your home in Arizona, we encourage you to do your research, ask questions, and choose a reputable company like SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS that values integrity and transparency.

Solar energy is a significant investment in your home and our planet’s future, and it should be handled with care and expertise. Ready to explore solar energy with a company that cares? Contact SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS today. We’re here to light the way to a brighter, greener future in Arizona.