If you have any questions, our resource page is designed to help you find answers about switching to solar. You can also check out our video library for more information about the solar technology used by SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS. These videos provide in-depth explanations and insights, making it easy for you to learn about solar without having to search the internet.


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Who does the permitting?2023-01-27T12:12:49-05:00

SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS handles everything from permitting to installation, so you have nothing to worry about. Our team are experts in all things solar + EV.

My Roof Will Soon Need To Be Redone. Should I Wait To Install a Solar Electric PV System?2023-01-12T18:39:35-05:00

Our SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS systems are installed in such a way that we can easily remove them and later reinstall them at a fraction of the original cost of the system. If the roof is repaired within the first year of the system’s installation, we do the work at no cost to you.

How Long Will a PV System Last?2023-01-12T18:37:51-05:00

The solar panels have a 25 year power warranty from the manufacturer. This is longer than almost anything else you can buy. Inverters can have warranties up to 10 years.

We also offer a maintenance agreement or hurricane prep service to extend life and get the most out of your system.

How Does The Power From a PV System Get Stored?2023-01-12T18:35:49-05:00

In a solar, non-battery system, power is not stored. It is either used immediately in the house, or sent backwards through the meter, creating a credit. If storage is needed, large batteries and other equipment are added to the system.

Do I Need To Clean The Solar Panels Periodically?2023-01-12T18:34:05-05:00

Most of our customers do not clean their panels. In most areas of the country, there will be sufficient rain to clean the panels. However, if you are in a dusty area (near a busy dirt road, a very urban area, etc.) you may see a performance boost from cleaning the panels monthly. If necessary, a hose stream is usually sufficient for cleaning. Do not walk on or over the panels to clean them. Do not use metal, hard, or abrasive methods for cleaning. Do not spray water on the panels when they are very hot.

Are There Incentives For Buying Solar Electricity?2023-01-12T18:32:45-05:00

Yes. If you purchase a solar system, the federal government will give you a 30% tax credit on the total paid which can be taken in one year or spread out over five years. The current federal solar tax credit is set to decrease by the end of 2032. The state of Arizona offers a $1,000 tax credit for a new solar system. Leased solar systems are not eligible for tax credits. Click here to get a free quote!

If I Sell My Property, Will a PV System Increase The Sale Price?2023-01-12T18:31:40-05:00

Energy conservation and renewable generation adds value to your home. Surveys have shown that for every $1,000.00 saved per year, $20,000.00 is added to a home’s value.* Solar energy can be one of the best home improvement investments you make.

* Newscenter resource link & Zillow resource link

How Long Does It Take To Install a PV System?2023-01-12T18:30:57-05:00

Going solar is a process that involves many different organizations which include government, city, HOA, and utility companies. Our goal is to move the solar project through this process as efficiently as possible. Because of the involvement of so many representatives and agents from outside organizations, it is impossible to give a 100% accurate timetable. We aim to keep the homeowner up to date and informed if any delays in the project occur. If there is ever a question as to where your solar project is, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.Click here to get a free quote!


I Already Have a System Installed And Need Repairs, Can You Help?2023-01-12T18:30:05-05:00

Yes. SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS professional staff are experts at repairing and fixing solar systems of all types. Go to our repair service page and fill out your details.

Who Do I Contact If I Want More Information, Or Still Have Questions?2023-01-12T18:29:22-05:00

Fill out your information on our contact page and a SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS representative will contact you within 24 hours.


What if I need an MSP upgrade?2023-01-12T18:27:02-05:00

Your team at SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS will take care of everything for you. From upgrades to permitting. To get started on your custom charger quote please contact us here.

Plug vs. hardwiring?2023-01-12T18:26:33-05:00

Up to you – hardwiring typically allows for most amperage, therefore fastest charging.

How fast will it charge?2023-01-12T18:26:12-05:00

Level 1 (regular plug) 2-5 MPH and Level 2 approximately 20 – 60 MPH. To learn more visit our How It Works section.

How Much Does It Cost To “Go Solar”?2023-01-12T18:25:49-05:00

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable it is to go solar! With SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS you can go solar for $0 down, no upfront cost! Get a FREE quote to get a FREE CUSTOMIZED SOLAR EVALUATION along with a price quote with ZERO obligations.

How fast can my Level 2 charger be installed?2023-01-12T18:24:59-05:00

SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS is here to help! Our team can typically install a Level 2 charger in as little as 2-business days.

Why Do I Need A Solar Consultation?2023-01-12T18:23:49-05:00
The purpose of a solar consultation is for us to gather all the information we need to make sure your home is a good fit for solar. This is also a great opportunity to get all your questions answered! Your solar consultant will analyze your energy usage and ask questions about future changes in energy consumption such as adding a pool or a spa which can dramatically affect your energy bill. Once your energy consultant has this information, our team of highly qualified design engineers will custom tailor a quote for a system that fits your solar needs.Click here to get a free quote!
What Are My Purchase Options?2023-01-07T22:29:19-05:00
You can purchase a solar system, or you can lease a solar system from one of SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS partners for as little as 0% Down. Click here to get a free quote!
How Much Can I Save?2023-01-03T03:58:30-05:00

Monthly savings can vary depending on the customer’s home electricity usage and the size of the solar system, but generally the larger the solar system, the bigger the savings. You may even be able to reduce your electric bill down to $0! Click here to get a free quote!

Can my charger be installed outside?2022-02-09T04:23:06-05:00

Yes, most residential EV chargers are water and dust resistant and designed to be installed and work outdoors.

What information do you require for my virtual quote?2022-02-09T04:21:08-05:00

During the virtual consultation, our engineers will need to see a picture of your main service panel, a picture of where you would like the charger, and what’s between them to get started.

Do Solar PV Systems Work For Commercial Buildings?2021-01-26T00:19:54-05:00

We have installed solar on office buildings, retail buildings, schools, and government facilities. Anywhere electricity is used can use solar electricity.

What Happens If The Solar Panels Are Shaded?2021-01-26T00:17:45-05:00

PV panels should be installed in areas where they get significant shade-free sun every day. Even small amounts of shade can significantly reduce the output. Our designs and installations also seek to minimize the impact of any shade issues through selection of the proper equipment and good engineering.

Do I Need To Install a New Roof Before The Solar Panels Are Installed?2021-01-26T00:17:21-05:00

Solar panels will last many years, (over 25). Because of this, we want the roof to be in decent condition, as it does not make sense to remove and reinstall the panels after only a few years. However, after the panels are in place, they will greatly reduce the wear on the roof by blocking ultraviolet rays, keeping most snow and ice off the roof, and keeping anything from hitting the roof. Most installations do not require a new roof prior to PV installation.

What Is Net Metering?2021-01-26T00:15:56-05:00

Net Metering is the regulatory ability to get credit for electricity you generate with solar energy and send backwards through your utility meter. Exact provisions vary with each state, but the effect is to allow you to generate excess power during the day, and use it at night, without needing batteries.

Does a PV System Need Batteries?2021-01-26T00:15:35-05:00

Batteries are only required if you want backup power when the utility is out of service. Without batteries, the system has no way to store power, and for safety reasons cannot produce power without the utility in operation.

What Happens When The Utility Company Has a Power Outage?2021-01-26T00:15:10-05:00

Most systems we sell are “clean power” systems, without batteries. These systems do not generate power when the utility is out, even if it is sunny. If backup power is desired, a battery system can be added. This increases the complexity and cost. Most people find that what they want is Clean Power, and find that the very occasional outage does not bother them, so they do not purchase the battery option.

How Much Power Does a Solar Electric System Produce?2021-01-26T00:14:14-05:00

Systems come in all sizes, and produce as much or as little power as required. Many systems produce a portion of the home’s required power, leaving room for additional conservation or generation in the future.

How Much Solar Electric Power Do I Need To Power My Home?2021-01-26T00:13:42-05:00

Each home is different, and the amount of electricity you use is very dependent upon your lifestyle, how your home was built, and your appliances. As part of our services, we work with you to reduce your electrical consumption in easy ways.

Are Solar Panels Fragile?2021-01-26T00:13:10-05:00

No. While the panels are made of tempered glass, they are quite strong. Installed PV panels are designed to withstand hurricane force winds, and pass severe weather tests such as hail. Solar equipment is regularly installed in areas with these types of conditions.

Do The Solar Panels Need To Face South?2021-01-26T00:11:34-05:00

South is best, but panels installed facing east or west still can generate a very high percentage of possible power. It is usually more effective (and more attractive) to install the panels in the same plane as the roof direction, rather than build an awkward mount to angle them.

Do The Solar Panels Need To Be Mounted On My Roof?2021-01-26T00:11:03-05:00

Panels are often mounted on the roof, but can also be mounted on the ground. Ground mounts are great if the house is shaded, or if dormers or other obstructions limit available space on the roof.

How Much Space Does a PV System Need?2021-01-26T00:10:17-05:00

A typical system requires about seven to eight square feet for each dollar of your electric bill. This figure varies depending upon your electric rates.

What does PV stand for?2021-01-26T00:09:49-05:00

PV stands for Photovoltaic, which in short, is the technical term of converting the sun’s natural energy into electricity using solar panels which are made up of solar or photovoltaic cells. A solar electric system is also called a PV system.


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