We all know that to reach net zero emissions by mid-century, we need to take urgent action. The “Big Three” of wind, solar, and electric vehicles are key to achieving this goal.

Over the past decade, these technologies have improved dramatically in terms of cost and efficiency. Solar and battery technology for EVs has dropped by almost 90% in cost, while wind power has become 50% cheaper. Combining different technologies, such as energy storage systems and diverse renewables, allows for a more reliable power supply that is not dependent on one single source. Smart energy systems, such as programs to reduce energy consumption during peak hours and improved forecasting, also help to optimize power usage and reduce waste.

As the electric grid becomes cleaner, the growing adoption of EVs is also helping to reduce emissions in the transportation sector. With the help of digitization, we can transform and improve our power usage, making our power grids smarter and more efficient.

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