Peoria, AZ, February 1, 2023SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS, Arizona’s largest, best-rated solar company, recently launched a new website featuring a Solar Calculator that makes it easy to calculate an approximate cost of going solar based on location, electricity bill, and system type. It can also quickly estimate the savings that can be realized by going solar.

Since 2015, the Arizona solar company has been known as one of the most trusted providers of solar energy. SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS has an award-winning team that was recognized in 2022 by Solar Power World as a Top Solar Contractor, won the 2023 Best Customer Experience Industry Award, and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS offers the best technology, design, and craftsmanship. Their knowledgeable and experienced team provides comprehensive energy consultation, design, engineering, installation, and service for solar systems. The systems that SUNSOLAR provides are designed by solar engineers and are installed using an 8-step process that is “roofing approved,” which enables them to offer a 25-year roof penetration and workmanship warranty.

They strive to help customers understand what they are purchasing, how it works, what it will mean for their energy future, and how they will attain the best return on investment while they transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable solar. They also provide information to customers on tax credits and incentives, expected savings on their electric bills, and the potential for added value to their homes. 

“We are excited to launch a new website to tell our story and help homeowners discover what solar can mean to their lifestyle and more sustainable world,” stated Val Berechet, Principal, SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS. “We want to help make the lives of homeowners better by reducing their energy bill, securing their home’s energy source, and helping them take control of their energy consumption.”

At SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS, the mission is simple: provide a world-class customer experience by delivering the highest quality and cost-effective renewable energy power products available. Customers working with SUNSOLAR discover that their approach to the customer solar experience is unique and different from most solar companies. The very foundation of the company is built on customer education, honesty, integrity, and transparency, with a high emphasis on ensuring homeowners understand the varying aspects of their solar projects.

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