Val Berechet, the president of SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS, formed a successful solar sales company in Arizona after a bad personal experience trying to install solar on his own home in 2014. He was inspired to fill a void and improve the solar installation process after the company he hired to install the solar system on his roof took too long to pull permits and failed inspections multiple times. He fired the company and eventually reinstalled the solar array himself, with the knowledge he gained from the first experience. Since 2015, SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS has helped over 10,000 customers go solar across America by providing honest quotes, educating communities, and only working with respected installers. The company has grown in a short time to over 100 employees, and Berechet believes in doing things the right way, even if the customer does not know about it, for long-term growth and success. We are proud to be named a top solar contractor in 2022 and hope we can be a top solar contractor again in 2023! Read the full article by clicking the button below.