You probably have heard of solar power energy and may have even heard of a friend or family member considering “going green.” But what exactly does that entail? It sounds like a great idea, but it also sounds like a lot of work and high costs to help the environment. However, now could not be a better time to help the environment. Solar panel costs are down 75 percent and have a 50 percent–better performance rate. Homeowners who choose solar installation consistently save money on their power bills every month.

Solar power gets its energy from the sun, whereas traditional electricity is generated using fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal. Choosing clean solar technology to power your entire home reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves you up to 85 percent on your power bill. Because of our innovative solar options and the ability to create endless sustainability for your home, Sunsolar Solutions has been the number-one solar installation company in Arizona for six years now. If you’re not convinced, here’s a list of benefits of choosing solar installation for your home:

  • It will increase your property value.
  • It will earn you a great return on your investment.
  • It will provide you and your family with clean, reliable energy powered by the sun.
  • By going green, you help protect the environment.
  • You protect yourself against increased electricity costs and against inflation.
  • It’s possible to save up to 85 percent off your electric bill.

1. All Services in One Place

Don’t let the task of a solar panel installation overwhelm you. We will not only complete the job properly but make the solar installation at your home as painless and hands-off for you as possible. One of our solar consultants will explain the whole process and help figure out your current and future energy needs to make sure any questions you have get answered. Your consultant will also ensure you receive and understand a tailored quote from our design engineers. Our team makes arrangements with the necessary companies and organizations: government, HOA, utility companies, and the city. There’s a lot of involvement in this process, but your solar consultant will keep you informed as we move through the process of getting your solar panels installed. There’s a lot of work that goes into solar panel installation, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one putting in the work. When choosing a company to do your install, make sure all services are included. You don’t want to have to take the time, effort, or money to hire additional contractors.

2. Choose an Accredited Company

Businesses that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, put their customers first. By receiving the BBB A+ rating, a company can show that it promotes integrity in the work it does and that it’s truthful in its advertising. If the company receives complaints from a customer, the staff will make it a priority to resolve those issues. Businesses that choose to run a trustworthy and transparent operation will meet the requirements of the BBB accreditation. This not only benefits customers but also brings accredited companies opportunities to learn and interact with other great businesses and encourages other local businesses to strive for a higher standard of business practice.

Sunsolar Solutions is an A+ BBB Accredited Business. Our engineering, design, and integration teams employ some of the top industry leaders. We are so happy to have helped nearly 7,000 families over the last 5 years with our combined 50 years of experience to provide top-quality solar power panels in Arizona. Make sure the company you choose has proper accreditations and the experience needed to do quality work.

3. Look for an Honest Company

We continue to make it our mission to deliver the highest quality and cost-effective renewable energy power to our customers. We believe in helping homeowners reduce their bills, securing their homes’ energy source, and providing them with a world-class customer experience. Education, transparency, integrity, and honesty are a priority in our process of helping homeowners during their solar projects. With our innovative technology and dedication, we can help homeowners improve their lives and futures.

4. Different Payment Options

SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS offers multiple flexible financing options. You can always pay cash for your solar panel install, but we also offer financing with $0 down and a lease option. The federal government is offering a 26 percent tax credit on the total paid, which can be spread out over five years or taken all in one year, and the state of Arizona also gives a $1,000 tax credit for a new solar panel system.

Our company is passionate about helping people and the environment, and we’re happy to offer our customers a $500 referral. When you refer friends and family, we reach out and set them up with a free site survey. Once they choose to go solar and get solar panels installed on their homes, we mail you $500 per referral.

5. American-Made Products

Finding a company that sources locally means better quality and safer products. There are numerous reasons why sourcing locally is better:

  • Products made in the US mean sustainability
  • Provides American jobs
  • Higher and fair labor standards
  • Healthier work environment
  • Safer products
  • Better-quality products
  • Stimulated local economies
  • Better customer service

We are committed to providing exceptional, professional service and offer the highest quality products and customer service. We’re dedicated to walking you through every step of the process from start to finish. Each of our highly qualified team members has the same goal of moving your solar project from the planning to the implementation stages as efficiently as possible and with complete transparency. We’re happy to help you secure your home’s energy source and save you money. If you have any questions, please reach out. We’re ready to help you make the switch and go solar today.