SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS, Arizona’s largest, best-rated solar company, has joined the efforts of Arizonans for a Clean Economy (AZCE). AZCE is an industry-led advocacy group committed to educating the public about the economic opportunity created by the energy transition and supporting candidates and efforts that back green energy and an increase in clean, green jobs. This bi-partisan coalition of local businesses and residents believes that Arizona should be a leader in clean energy, from support of incentives to training and support for solar trades.

Not only will transitioning to clean energy be good for the environment, but this generational opportunity will also be a major catalyst to creating stable jobs, boosting innovation, and fostering economic growth. Harnessing the power of renewable, pollution-free energy and investing in storage and electric vehicles can lead to a new era of prosperity and energy independence for generations to come.

“Clean, renewable energy is tantamount to a sustainable existence in Arizona and beyond,” stated Val Berechet, Chairman of AZCE and Principal of SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS. “We must support efforts to help Arizona take the lead, starting with jobs.”

Arizona, with more than 300 annual days of sunshine, is the ideal state to take the lead in sustainable energy practices. Its world-renowned research universities and long history of innovation and self-reliance can establish the state as a clean energy powerhouse. 

SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS and AZCE believe that to accomplish this mission, the state must elect candidates from both parties who support those efforts in upcoming elections. This is a years-long movement to ensure that clean energy leadership is a priority for Arizona voters and to make sure the right people are elected to key state and local offices.”