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Common Solar Storage Myths

The impacts of climate change have sent shockwaves around the world, from escalating hurricanes to unparalleled heatwaves. As we transition from winter to increasingly warmer weather, the anticipation of what's next mounts, especially during wildfire season. For those in regions [...]

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Powering Through the Darkness: Understanding Solar Energy’s Backup Plan

If you're using solar power to generate electricity in Arizona, you might be wondering what happens when the power goes out. After all, if your solar panels are your primary source of energy, it's important to know how they'll perform [...]

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Shining a Light on Savings: The Investment Tax Credit for Solar Energy

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal solar incentive that has made solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners and businesses in Arizona. The ITC is also known as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (SITC) or the Solar [...]

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Go Solar to Invest in Your Family’s—and Your Country’s—Energy Future

By Erick O’Donnell Last month, President Biden vetoed a bill passed by Congress that would have reimposed tariffs on Chinese-manufactured solar panels. Although a majority in Congress wanted to protect the country’s straggling photovoltaic industry from alleged unfair trade [...]

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Ensuring Longevity and Efficiency (Solar Maintenance)

If you're considering installing a solar system for your home or business in Arizona, you might be wondering about the maintenance required. After all, solar panels are designed to last for decades, but will they still perform well over time? [...]

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Nature Is Forcing Choices On Energy

By Erick O’Donnell After months of unsuccessful negotiations between the southwestern states that draw water from the Colorado River, the Biden administration last month proposed a solution that could, hopefully, spur serious action toward an agreement. If the states [...]

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