Have you considered installing solar panels on your home, but wondering if solar is really worth it in Arizona? If yes, then just know that you’re living in a state that is perfect for solar.

Both urban and rural areas that bask in the constant presence of the sun all year long are not easy to find. But beyond serving as a source of beautiful sunsets and seemingly endless heat, these areas are a perfect choice for solar energy usage. One of these perfectly fitting cities is Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona’s perpetual sunshine continues to make rooftop solar panels an enticing proposition for homeowners. Already, thousands of homeowners in Arizona use solar panels to generate electricity for their homes, and through this, they also reap long-term financial benefits.

In the last few decades, solar panels have become more efficient, popular, and 45% more affordable than ever before. With major financial factors like the solar tax credit or avoiding peak demand charges, solar energy has become much more profitable for homeowners in the greater Phoenix area. Not only can solar panels improve the value of your home by 3 to 4%, but in addition to that, with the right system design, a homeowner can save up to 100% on their electricity bill and can contribute to a cleaner environment.

Arizona also has a state tax credit of $1000, and the Federal tax credit is at 26% of the purchase price for those who qualify, which makes it that much more affordable for homeowners to go solar.

Solar energy also has a powerful advantage over other forms of energy sources, such as oil and gas, as both of those are finite in quantity, but solar energy isn’t. Investing in a rooftop solar system for your home will allow you to save vast amounts of money in the future as fossil fuels become more limited. Without the utilization of fossil fuels, solar panel operations will produce energy that is far tidier than that from other sources. Luckily, many companies and individuals alike are now choosing to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible by using conventional options such as solar.

Is going solar going to be a perfect option for you? The only way to know is to ask the expert. Connect with SUNSOLAR SOLUTIONS, your partner in making Earth a healthier planet.